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  • What A Birthday
    teadrinking (Yesterday  22:43)

    Mr. Smith returned home, fatigued from another long day at work. After dropping his briefcase, he immediately reached for a beer, swiftly downing it w

  • Lost in Literature
    teadrinking (The day before yesterday 20:39)

    The girl sat alone in her seat against the window and meanwhile next to the aisle, fully immersed in the book she held in her hands. Her posture exude

  • 2023-09-21
    Dempsey (3 days ago)

    Prejudice is the only standard of those which don't have scientific standards. A disciplined life takes you to envision your future, and a casual

  • Notes of Serenity
    teadrinking (4 days ago)

    Amidst my run, a tranquil grace did bloom,A newfound peace, dispelling any gloom.As pages turned, stories came alive and danced,In their essence, life

  • 20 September
    Sumingyu (4 days ago)

    Cabbage hearts continue to growDay by day at a speed quite slow.I want them to be hard and tight;No more as loose as now in sight.21 SeptemberIt's im

  • A Day of Joy
    teadrinking (5 days ago)

    As the sun gracefully ascends the sky, its gentle rays embrace the world, infusing it with warmth that falls delicately short of the scorching intensi

  • Unveiling the Cover of Character
    teadrinking (6 days ago)

    Understanding a person's character may appear as a sophisticated art form, but in reality, it demands no intricacies. Put simply, it can be ascertaine

  • Strong Survivor
    teadrinking (7 days ago)

    The cactus spent less than three months in its small pot, enduring the scorching heat of summer. Yet, this plant seemed utterly unfazed by the relentl

  • 2023-09-17
    Dempsey (7 days ago)

    Humans are really firm when they should make changes, for the kernel has been there, and it is amorphous in different scenes which when varying, contr

  • Rain for Life
    teadrinking (2023-09-16)

    The relentless rain persists, an unwavering dance of water from the heavens. In its capricious rhythm, it sporadically descends as a gentle drizzle, o

  • Unending Self Procedure
    teadrinking (2023-09-15)

    At each juncture of life, I sail for a voyage of introspection, gazing into the future as a challenge beckoning me. Each stage unfolds like a chapter

  • 15 September
    Sumingyu (2023-09-15)

    dIn night transparent atmosphereStars looked numerous and near.This wonderful sight may appearOnly at present and around here.18 SeptemberThe ripe fru

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